arist-, aristi- +

(Latin: awn or beard of grain; ear of grain)

arista (s), aristae (pl)
1. Awn; a long-pointed process as in many grasses.
2. An awn or bristle; such as, in the beard of barley.
3. A slender bristle as on the terminal joint of the antennae of some insects; such as, the bristly structure near or at the tip of the antenna of many two-winged flies.
1. Provided with awns or with a well-developed bristle.
2. Having a beard-like appendage; awned (having awns; that is, bristle-like, or hair-like, appendages on the flowering parts of some cereals and grasses.
Having a small awn (a slender, bristlelike appendage found on the spikelets of many grasses).