sequ-, sequi-, secut-, suit-, -sue

(Latin: follow, followed, following)

executioner (s) (noun), executioners (pl)
1. Someone who performs death penalties; especially, a person who puts a condemned person to death: "Merrill was the official executioner of those who were convicted of murder."
2. A person or people who have completed a task or an assignment: "The two men were successful executioners of the project."
3. Someone who performs something; such as, an instrument used in producing a desired effect: "Marcy was a talented and successful executioner of classical music with the piano."
executive (adjective)
executive (s) (noun), executives (pl)
1. A person or a group that has administrative or managerial authority in an organization: "As an executive of her company, Justine was responsible for making things function as smoothly as possible."
2. The chief officer of a government, state, or political division: "As the executive of the state, Jackson strived to see that the legislature's plans were completed."
3. That branch of government which is charged with putting into effect a country's laws and the administering of its responsibilities.
executively (adverb)
executor (s) (noun), executors (pl)
Someone who is specifically responsible for carrying out the provisions of a will: "As the executor for Hiram's will, Angelia was expected to make sure that all of his requests were fulfilled as specified for those beneficiaries that were listed."
executrix (s) (noun), executrices (pl)
1. A female executor of a will or appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of that person's will.
2. A woman who produces something or puts something into effect.
inconsequential (adjective), more inconsequential, most inconsequential
Conveying unimportant thoughts or not following concepts or ideas logically: Leola made an effort to take her husband's mind off his troubles by talking about inconsequential things.

Since Brad's argument doesn't make any sense, he is just contributing a bunch of inconsequential talk.

Characteristic of something which is not significant.
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non sequitur (s) (noun), non sequiturs (pl) [non sequuntur, Latin plural]
1. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it: "Someone once said that Napoleon Bonaparte was a short man. A student who was making a report in history class included a non sequitur that stated that because Napoleon was so short and ego centric, he never allowed any of his officers to be any taller than he was."
2. A statement containing an illogical conclusion.
3. In logic, a conclusion that does not follow from the premises.

A non sequitur is a literary device; in comedy, it is a comment which, due to its lack of meaning relative to the comment it follows, is absurd to the point of being humorous. Its use can be deliberate or unintentional. Literally, it is Latin for "it does not follow".

In other literature, a non sequitur can denote an abrupt, illogical, unexpected, or absurd turn of plot or dialogue not normally associated with or appropriate to that which preceded it.

nonsequential (adjective)
nonsequentially (adverb)
nonsuit (s) (noun), nonsuits (pl)
nonsuit (verb), nonsuits; nonsuited; nonsuiting
obsequious (adjective), more obsequious, most obsequious
1. Characterized by someone who is excessively obedient or who is too willing to comply with the wishes of other people: Jane and Jim were served in the hotel by obsequious employees who were striving to fulfill all the desires that they indicated.
2. A reference to those who are overly eager to help or to obey anyone who is important or well-known: The famous singer was surrounded by obsequious fans who were willing to do almost anything that she wanted them to accomplish.
Complying or easily agreeing to any request by another person.
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Too eager to help or to obey another person.
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Overly submissive or willing to serve others.
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obsequiously (adverb)
obsequiousness (noun)