(Latin: half, partly, twice)

A small or imperfect ridge or crest.
semidestructive (adjective)
1. Partially or tending to destroy or causing destruction or damage. 2. Tending to overthrow, disprove, or discredit someone or something; such as, a semidestructive criticism.
Half or imperfectly transparent.
semidiurnal (adjective) (not comparable)
1. In astronomy, pertaining to, consisting of, or performed in, half the time between the rising and setting of a celestial body; chiefly in semi-diurnal arc.
2. Occurring every twelve hours; primarily referring to the tides.
3. Pertaining to, or accomplished in, half a day, or twelve hours; occurring twice every day.
4. A reference to, or traversed in, six hours, or in half the time between the rising and setting of a heavenly body; such as, a semidiurnal arc.
Half divine; a demigod.
That which is partially broken into small fragments or reduced to powder; such as, stones, sediment, etc.
1. Half lenticular or convex.
2. Imperfectly resembling a lens of the eye.
semilethal (adjective), more semilethal, most semilethal
1. Fatal or causing death in more than 50 percent, but fewer than 100 percent of cases: The doctors were cautious regarding the new disease that was spreading around, considering it a semilethal illness, not consistently fatal but still highly dangerous.
2. A mutation that produces more than 50 percent of mortality but not everyone: A change that was caused in the genetic make up of the monkeys at the zoo was considered semilethal; therefore, the researchers believed only about half of the species would survive.
semiliterate (adjective); more semiliterate, most semiliterate
Descriptive of the ability to read and to write on an elementary level or to read but unable to write because of one's limited knowledge or understanding: One example of being a semiliterate person is to consistently use the wrong spelling of similar-sounding words, such as "their", "there", and "they're".
Half-moon shaped; crescentic.