seleno-, selen- +

(Greek: moon)

Belonging to, or a reference to, selenography.
Someone who is skilled in selenography (descriptions of the physical features of the moon).
selenography, selenographical
1. The description and delineation of the moon’s surface; the descriptive science relating to the moon; lunarography.
2. The study of the physical features of the moon.
3. The study of the moon's surface and description of its topography; specifically, referring to positions on the moon measured in latitude from the moon's equator and in longitude from a reference meridian.
Worship of the moon.
Anyone who studies the nature and history of the moon.
selenology, selenological
1. The branch of astronomy concerned with the origin and physical characteristics of the moon.
2. The study of the nature and history of the moon.
3. The study of the moon, including such attributes as magnitude, motion, and constitution.
A form of divination that includes a specialized form of fortune telling that examines the various aspects, phases, and appearances of the moon.
Maniacal symptoms induced by moonlight.
The study of landforms on the moon, including their origins, evolutions, and distributions.
selenophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal fear of the natural satellite of the Earth: Selenophobia is often related to apprehensions about night or situations that might occur at a full moon.

The effects of the moon on human behavior, especially its influence on insanity, have been noted for centuries.

Although there is no scientific verification, professionals, such as nurses, police, and firemen and people who deal with large numbers of emergency situations, report an upsurge in activities and more extreme behaviors during a full moon than at other times.

A lycanthrope who appears during the full moon.

This caller hears a recording which says, "Thank you for calling the lycanthrope hot line. All of our counselors are busy right now; so, if you will please hold, we will provide counseling services as soon as possible."

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A plant adapted to, or tolerating, high selenium levels in the soil, frequently used as an indicator of this particular type of soil content.
selenotrope, selenotropic
A device used in geodetic surveying for reflecting the moon's rays to a distant point, to aid in long-distance observations.
1. Growth in response to moonlight.
2. A tendency to turn towards the moon's rays.
The lateral stripe of crescentic growth lines on the whorl of a gastropod shell.

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