scato-, scat-, skato-, skat- +

(Greek: dung, feces, excrement, offal, fecal matter, manure, ordure)

1. The examination of feces for diagnostic purposes by medical researchers.
2. The term also included the diviner who looked for clues in excretions that might foretell the future of his subjects.
Another spelling for scatologic.
Another spelling for scatology.
Another spelling for scatophagy.
telephone scatalogia
1. Making obscene telephone calls for sexual pleasure is known as telephone scatologia and is theorized as a form of exhibitionism.
2. A paraphilia involving unsolicited calls to another person, who is non-consenting, in order to express erotic or obscene language, or to phantasize that such thoughts are being expressed.

Paraphilia (in Greek para, παρά, "beside" + -philia, φιλία, "friendship", having the extended meaning of "love") is a biomedical term characterized by sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not part of normal stimulation and which may cause distress or serious problems for the paraphiliac or the people associated with him or her.

Sometimes scatalogia and coprohilia are used interchangeably, although the current preference is to limit scatalogia to the paraphilia, as here defined, and to use coprophilia for involuntary utterances of obscene language.

—Most of the information for this section came from
Psychiatric Dictionary, Seventh Edition by Robert Jean Campbell, M.D.;
Oxford University Press; New York; 1996; pages 513 and 643.

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