(Latin: a suffix; related to or connected with)

A condition of excess fat; obesity.
luminaria (s) (noun), luminarias (pl)
A small candle set inside a paper bag that has been weighted with sand, usually placed outdoors as decoration or to lighten a path for pedestrians: For her backyard evening picnic, Nancy made several luminary, placing them alongside the walkway leading from the driveway to the back yard to brighten the way for her guests.

Originally luminaria was the plural of "luminatrium"; however, luminaria is presented in some dictionaries as both a singular and a plural form.

militaria (s) (noun), militarias (pl)
War objects; such as, weapons, medals, and uniforms, which are collected as a hobby or for historical reasons.
Foul matter; excretion; dregs; filthy, useless, or rejected matter of any kind; specifically, the foul matter that collects on the teeth and tongue in low fevers and other conditions attended with great vital depression; also known as, sordes.
solaria (pl)
Rooms built for the purposes of enjoying sunlight, usually with large windows or glass walls; especially, rooms in hospitals or other health care establishments.
1. The winged sandals of the Greek god, Hermes; and the Latin equivalent god, Mercury. Winged sandals were also worn by Iris, Eos, Eros, the Furies, and the Harpies.
2. In Latin, talaria refers to "winged shoes" or sandals while a talar refers to "a robe that reaches down, or stretches, to the ankle" and by extensiion, talus, "ankle, ankle bone, heel."