argyro-, argyr-

(Greek: silver)

argyranthemous (adjective), more argyranthemous, most argyranthemous
argyranthous (adjective), more argyranthous, most argyranthous
argyremia (s) (noun), argyremias (pl)
The presence of silver in the blood.
argyria (s) (noun), argyrias (pl)
1. A deep, ash-gray discoloration of the skin and conjunctiva resulting from chronic exposure to silver or silver salts: The term argyria is also defined as a dusky-gray or bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes produced by the excessive or overuse of silver preparations.

All silver salts, if used for any length of time may produce discoloration of the skin which is the condition known as argyria.

2. Poisoning from the use of silver preparations over too long a period or its absorption during industrial processes: The argyrias result from silver compositions that can cause ghastly bluish discolorations of the skin over the entire bodies of those who experience such unprotected situations.
argyric (adjective), more argyric, most argyric
Referring to silver.
argyriosis (s) (noun), argyrioses (pl)
argyrism (s) (noun), argyrisms (pl)
argyrodite (s) (noun), argyrodites (pl)
A mineral composed of silver, germanium, and sulphur: Argyrodites occur in steel-gray crystals that have a metallic luster.
argyrolentis (s) (noun) (no known plural)
A staining of the crystalline lens by silver deposits: An argyrolentis is a condition of the lens of the eye which is seen rarely in prolonged silver intoxication, characterized by a golden sheen to the anterior lens capsule.
argyron (s) (noun), argyrons (pl)
argyrophil (s) (noun), argyrophils (pl)
A cell or other part of the body that is easily stained or impregnated with silver: Argyophils can be stained with silver solutions.
argyrophil (adjective), more argyrophil, most argyrophil
Pertaining to tissue elements that are capable of impregnation with silver ions and being made visible after an external reducing agent is used: Ted's argyrophil condition refers to cells that bind with silver salts which can then be reduced to produce a brown or black stain.
argyrophile (s) (noun), argyrophiles (pl)
A tissue element that is able to be impreganted with silver ions which are then observable following an external reducing agent; argentophil; argentophile: The students were happy to see the results of their experiment when the argyrophile showed a brown stain.
argyrophilia (s) (noun), argyrophilias (pl)
argyrophilic (adjective), more argyrophilic, most argyrophilic
In biology, a reference to the cells of plants or their contents: Argyrophilic leaves are readily stained black by silver salts.