sali-, salt-, -sili-, sult-, -salta-

(Latin: to leap, leaping; to jump, jumping; to hop, hopping; to spring forward, springing forward)

Don't confuse this sali-, salt-; "jump" unit with another sal-, sali- unit which refers to "salt".

somersault (verb), somersaults; somersaulted; somersaulting
To make complete turns forwards or backwards on the ground or in the air: Tom at the swimming pool somersaulted forward twice before he went into the water.

While riding his bicycle, Jerome swerved and accidentally somersaulted over into the bushes by the side of the road.

transilience (s) (noun), transiliencies (pl)
1. Leaps or jumps across something or from one thing to another one: Lloyd and June saw an unusual number of transiliencies of frogs in the pond as they were bouncing back and forth among the big leaves of water lilies and other floating aquatic plants.
2. Etymology: from Latin transiliens, the past participle transilire, "to leap across" or "to jump over"; from trans-, "across, over" + salire "to leap".
transiliency (s) (noun), transiliencies (pl)
A vaulting or hopping across or from one thing to another: The transiliencies of the grasshoppers could be seen as they jumped from one plant to another one as they were consuming the leaves.
unassailable (adjective), more unassailable, most unassailable
Pertaining to people or objects that are unquestionable, irrefutable, and invincible : The military commander of the military post stationed at a distance from the main body of troops was sure that the camp was unassailable.

The faculty sponsor of the school's debate team, Mr. Johnson, said they had won the contest on the strength of their unassailable reasoning and responses.

unsaltatory (adjective), more unsaltatory, most unsaltatory
1. Not adapted for skipping or dancing: Many unsaltatory people must use wheelchairs, crutches, or other slower methods of moving around.
2. Unable to move forward by vaulting or hopping: Many insects are more unsaltatory than others and so they move around by flying or crawling.

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