rupt-, -rupting, -ruption

(Latin: break, tear, rend; burst)

disrupted (adjective)
Marked by breaks or gaps; "many routes are unsafe or disrupted".
disrupter, disruptor (s); disrupters, disruptors (pl) (nouns)
disruption (s), disruptions (pl) (nouns)
1. The act of causing disorder.
2. An event that results in a displacement or discontinuity.
3. A disorderly outburst or tumult.
4. An act of delaying or interrupting a continuity.
disruptive (adjective)
disruptively (adverb)
electrolytic interrupter (s), electrolytic interrupters (pl) (nouns)
1. An interrupter component that is tilted to change the current through it.
2. A current interrupter consisting of a cell with two electrodes that is immersed in an electrolyte such that the passage of current through the cell causes bubbles to form in the electrolyte, the bubbles breaking the circuit.
3. An interrupter that consists of two electrodes in an electrolytic solution.

Bubbles formed in the solution continually interrupt the passage of currents between the electrodes.

erupt, erupts, erupted; erupting (verbs)
1. To emerge violently from restraint or limits; to explode: "My neighbor erupted in anger over the noise."
2. To become violently active: "The volcano erupted after years of dormancy."
3. To force out or to release something; such as, steam, with violence or suddenness.
4. To suddenly appear on the skin; such as, a rash or blemish.
5. A sudden explosion that sent out rocks, ash, lava, etc.: "The volcano erupted with tremendous force."
6. Something that came out in a sudden explosion: "Steam erupted from the geyser."
7. That which happened or started suddenly and violently: "A bitter dispute erupted among the members of the football team."
8. Something that started suddenly; such as, shouting or applauding: "The audience erupted in applause when she finished her speech."
9. Appeared suddenly on the skin: "A rash erupted on his back."
erupteness (s) (noun)
eruption (s), eruptions (pl) (nouns)
The act, instance of, or process of coming out in a sudden explosion, happens or begins suddenly and violently, etc.; such as, a volcanic eruption, a sudden eruption of violence, a skin eruption, etc.
eruption, irruption
eruption (i RUP shuhn) (noun)
An incidence of violent explosion: The eruption of the volcano took everyone by surprise.
irruption (i RUP shuhn) (noun)
A violent incursion or sudden invasion: The irruption of the population of rats in the city caused the health officials to be very concerned.

The eruption of the volcano and subsequent destruction of the infrastructure in the city caused concern that there would be an irruption of disease in the city.

eruptional (adjective)
eruptive (adjective)
eruptively (adverb)
incorrupt (adjective)
1. Free of corruption or immorality; incorruptible.
2. Free of errors or faults.
3. Not vitiated by errors or alterations.
4. Not decayed; unspoiled.
incorruptibility (adjective)

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