rudi-, rud-

(Latin: rough, unformed, unwrought; ignorant, untutored)

1. Socially incorrect in behavior; discourteous or impolite, especially in a deliberate way; such as, a rude reply.
2. Lacking civility or good manners; rough in manners or behavior; unmannerly; uncouth.
3. A reference to people, lacking in refinement or grace.
4. Belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness; ; such as, a rude design.

For example, "The crude weapons and rude agricultural tools of early mankind".

5. Without culture, learning, or refinement: "He thought they were rude, illiterate peasants; of a primitive simplicity."
1. In an impolite manner: "He treated his sister impolitely."
2. Impolitely, discourteously, rudely, showing bad manners, ill-mannered, rude, unmannered, unmannerly.
1. Discourtesy, rudeness, manner, personal manner: "Her rudeness was expressed in a manner that was rude and insulting."
2. Crudeness, crudity, primitiveness, primitivism, rudeness, wild, natural state, state of nature: "Her new residence was in a wild or unrefined condition."
rudiment (s) (noun), rudiments (pl)
1. The elements or first principles of a subject; as in the rudiments of grammar.
2. Those points that are first taught to, or acquired by, someone beginning the study or practice of a branch of knowledge, art, etc.
3. A mere beginning, first slight appearance, or undeveloped or imperfect form of something; the rudiments of a plan.
4. The imperfect beginnings of some material or immaterial thing; those parts that are the foundation of later growth or development.
5. In biology, an organ or part which is incompletely developed in size or structure; such as, something that is in an embryonic stage, arrested in growth, or with no functional activity.
rudimental (adjective)
rudimentary (adjective), more rudimentary, most rudimentary
1. Basic or simple: Because Aurora's cousin had lived for only a year in France, his knowledge of the nuances of the local language was rudimentary or undeveloped and lacking in proper usage.
2. Not very developed or advanced: Marina's rudimentary knowledge and experience with computer programs limited her ability to achieve very much with her web site.
3. Primitive: The villagers in the remote jungle were engaged in a rudimentary dance to celebrate the change of the seasons.
Elementary or basic.
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Somewhat rude.
Rudeness; to be rude.