rub-, rubi-

(Latin: red, reddish)

rubineous (adjective), more rubineous, most rubineous
In entomology, a reference to a glassy or semi-transparent deep red color, resembling a ruby, as the eyes of certain insects: "When Audy shinned the flashlight on the tree trunk last evening, the entomologist could see the rubineous eyes of the rare insects that she was studying."
rubious (adjective), more rubious, most rubious
Red, ruby-colored: "When caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Jaden's face took on the most rubious shade that his mother has ever seen."
rubric (s) (noun), rubrics (pl)
1. The heading in a book that is highlighted in red: "The use of rubrics were used in some early manuscripts or books to indicate some distinctive letters or words; such as, some initial letters, caption words, headings, etc."
2. An established rule or custom, a guideline: "Some rubrics have been used as headings or titles of statutes or of sections in codes of law, many of which were written in red."
3. A printed set of scoring criteria for evaluating the work of students and for providing feedback from teachers to students: "A rubric is a category or a heading in a chart, or a rule of conduct: "A teacher's grading rubrics may include participation, homework completion, tests, quizzes, and compositions."
4. A distinguishing flourish or mark presented after a person's signature: "When Jason signed his name, he did it with some curved line or lines that were added to the top and bottom of letters in order to make them look more attractive or fancy."
5. Etymology: directions in religious services which were often written in red ink; from Old French rubrique; from Latin rubrica, "red ochre, red coloring matter"; from ruber, "red".
rubricate (ROO bri kayt") (verb), rubricates; rubricated; rubricating
1. To decorate manuscripts, etc. with letters, titles, and headings, that are printed in red; in whole or in parts: The monks were skilled at rubricating the lettering in some of the manuscripts that are now located in the local library.
2. To format or arrange material for printing: The printer’s assistant was directed to rubricate the sermon that the pastor gave them.
3. A church calendar which indicates a red-letter day honoring a saint: Ivan rubricated the calendar from his church with a scarlet or rose colored heart to honor St. Valentine.
4. To sign with a mark instead of a name or in addition to a signature: The unschooled man rubricated the lease in addition to his attorney's signature which legalized the contract.
rubrication (s) (noun), rubrications (pl)
1. A form of calligraphy (beautiful hand writing), in medieval manuscripts, in which any added text was done with a red color: "When Samuel looked at the ancient manuscript, he noticed the first letter on each page was done as a rubrication."
2. Anything done in red; such as, a letter, a word, or some other part of a text that is presented separately: "Most computers spell check mispelled words as rubrications so they are easy to see."
rubrician (s) (noun), rubricians (pl)
Someone; usually, a teacher, who is skilled in the use of printed sets of scoring criteria for evaluating the work of students and for providing feedback from teachers to students: "As a rubrician, Mrs. Black was able to utilize some of the best techniques for communicating academic results for students and their parents."
ruby (s) (noun), rubies (pl)
1. A precious or semiprecious red stone which is used in jewelry: "Martha’s engagement ring was made with rubies and pearls."
2. A very hard mineral that is used as an abrasive to rub and to clean surfaces: "The cabinet maker always uses a rubbing tool which is surfaced with rubies so he make very smooth surfaces on the fine furniture which he is making."
3. A gemstone that transmits light with very little diffusion: "The ruby mounted in the necklace was exceptionally beautiful as it was shining on the woman’s neck."
ruby (adjective), more ruby, most ruby
A reference to a deep red color; such as, blood-red, or tomato-red, or cherry-red: "Just as the sun was setting, the sky turned into the most beautiful ruby color that Mona had ever seen."