-rrhea, -rrhoea, -orrhea +

(Greek > Latin: flow, flowing)

Absence of the secretion or flow of breast milk.
Absence or arrest of the flow of breast milk.
albuminorrhea (s) (noun) (no pl)
Excessive excretion of albumins: At Dr. Small's office, Mary was informed that she had a case of albuminorrhea in her blood in which the albumin had increased too much and resulted in an abdominal typhus.
algomenorrhea (s) (noun) (no pl)
The painful flow of blood from the uterus: Algomenorrhea concerns the pain during menstruation affecting the lower abdomen, the small of the back and in the sacrum.
amenorrhea (s) (noun), amenorrheas (pl)
An absence of or an abnormal stoppage of the menses (menstruation): Amenorrhea is a cessation of menstruation or a woman's menstrual-monthly cycles.

Normally, amenorrhea ends naturally in middle age with the beginning of menopause (time when a woman's ovaries and the lining of the uterus prepare an egg for fertilization).

Escape of amniotic (membrane around the fetus) fluid.
Passage of undigested starch in the stools, implying a deficiency of amylase activity in the intestine.
amyxorrhea (s) (noun), amyxorrheas (pl)
The absence of the normal secretion or flow of mucus: A person with amyxorrhea is missing the protective secretions of mucus membranes; such as, the mucus membrane secretions in the digestive tract where it is needed to lubricate the passages of food.

Amyxorrhea in the nose and throat and lungs will make it much easier for bacteria to penetrate the body through the epithelium or the membranous tissue that covers those bodily parts plus the other internal organs and internal surfaces of the body.

antiseborrheic (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Concerning the prevention of seborrheic dermatitis: Dr. Robinson suggested that Jean use an antiseborrheic hair rinse in order to remove the scales which were obstructing the follicles.
2. Regarding an ingredient to relieve excessive secretion of sebum: The shampoo was described as having special antiseborrheic agents to help pets with excessive oily skin or scales.
blennorrhea (s) (noun), blennorrheas (pl)
A term for any discharge from mucous membranes.
A slow or prolonged menstrual flow.
Menstruation characterized by an offensive odor.
Excessive secretion of mucus from the bronchial mucous membrane.
The flow or discharge of chyle.
The flow of chyme (the semifluid mass of partly digested food passed from the stomach into the duodenum).