rotundi-, rotundo-, rotund-

(Latin: rotondo, rotundus; round, rounded; from Latin, rota, "wheel")

obrotund (adjective), more obrotund, most obrotund
1. A reference to a clear, strong, and deep voice.
2. Relating to being bombastic or pompous with a style of speaking or writing.
3. Etymology or word origin: from Latin ore "a round mouth."
ore rotundo
1. Pompous and bombastic: orotund talk.
2. Full of sound; sonorous: orotund tones.
3. Etymology: from an alteration of the Latin ore rotundo, with a "round mouth"; from os, "mouth" and rotundo, "round".
1. The orotund mode of intonation.
2. Pretentious, pompous speech or writing.
rotund (adjective), rotunder, rotundest
1. Referring to anyone who is plump and thickset: The little rotund man was usually asked to play Santa Claus every year at Christmas.
2. Characterizing something which is spherical or round in shape: Jane put the flowers into the large rotund vase in the living room.
3. Descriptive of a full and rich or sonorous sound when speaking or writing; grandiloquent: The master of ceremonies had a wonderful rotund voice when announcing the soloists for the concert.
4. Etymology or word origin: from Latin phrase ore rotundo, "a round mouth."
Referring to being overweight.
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Conveying someone who is abnormally large because of being plumpy.
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1. A circular building; especially, one with a dome.
2. A large area with a high ceiling or a large round room; such as, in a hotel lobby or a government building (capitol) in the capital city of a state or country.

An example of a building with a rotunda is the white marble domed building in Washington, D.C., where the U.S. Congress meets.

Sausages, oleaginous and rotundifying.