(Latin: crack, chink)

rima (s), rimae (pl)
1. A slit or cleft, often an opening between two symmetrical parts or structures.
2. A slit or fissure, or narrow elongated opening between two symmetric parts.
rima glottidis
The interval (space) between the true vocal cords.
rima oris
The line formed by the junction of the lips.
rima vestibuli
The interval between the false vocal cords or vestibular folds.
A reference to a rima.
rimose, rimous
1. Fissured; marked by cracks in all directions, like the crackle of porcelain.
2. Having many crevices, cracks, or fissures.
1. A minute slit or fissure; especially, of the spinal cord or brain.
2. A very small rima, usually used in reference to structures in the brain or spinal cord.