argento-, argent-, argenti-

(Latin: silver, silvery, silverish)

argent (adjective), more argent, most argent
Characteristic of a soft white precious univalent metallic element that is valuable and is used to produce jewelry, coins, silverware, teapots, candle holders, etc.
argent, ag (s) (noun), argents (pl)
A white precious metallic element: The argent has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal and it exists in argentite and in free form.

Argent is used to make a variety of items; including, coins, jewelry, tableware (knives, spoons, and forks), and in the production of photographs.

argentation (s) (noun), argentations (pl)
Something that is over layed or covered with a shining white metal that gives a silvery appearance.
argentic (adjective), more argentic, most argentic
A reference to that which contains a certain precious and bright metallic substance.
argentiferous (adjective), more argentiferous, most argentiferous
Relating to that which includes or produces highly valued and shiny metallic objects.
Argentina (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. A South American country that had its official name bestowed in 1816 as La Republica Argentina or "The Silver Republic", after silver was found there by Spanish explorers.
2. Etymology: from Latin argentum, "silver" or argentinus, "of silver"; a Latinized form of (Rio) de la Plata, from Spanish plata, "silver".
argentine (adjective), more argentine, most argentine
Relating to or resembling silver; silvery.
argentite (s) (noun), argentites (pl)
A valuable ore which yields a lustrous substance.
argentophil (s) (noun), argentophils (pl)
Anyone who has a love or fondness for objects made of silver.
argentophile (s) (noun), argentophiles (pl)
Something that can be impregnated with silver ions: Argentophiles are tissue elements that can become saturated with silver electrically charged particles and then are perceivable following the application of a reducing substance.
argentophilic (adjective), more argentophilic, most argentophilic
A reference to certain cells of the body, structures, or tissues that selectively reduce silver salts to metallic silver.
argentous (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to something that contains a valuable element that has been known for centuries and is still considered worth a lot of money because it has been a part of many expensive objects.
argentum (s) (noun) (no plural)
A metallic element that has the following scientific features:
  • symbol ag
  • atomic number 47
  • an atomic weight of 107.87
  • a melting point of 961 degrees Centigrade
  • a boiling point of 2210 degrees Centigrade

Argentum is a ductile, white lustrous metal with the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals and it is used in the production of various compounds for photography and catalysis (an increase in the rate of a chemical reaction), electrical components, dental alloys; as well as, scientific and medical equipment.

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