rhomb-, rhombo-, rhombi-

(Greek: that which may be turned or spun around; magician's circle; equilateral parallelogram in which only the opposite angles are equal)

Relating to a map in which the rhumb lines (steady courses along one compass setting taken by a ship or aircraft) appear straight, or to the rhumb lines on such a map.
1. Of or relating to a crystalline structure of three mutually perpendicular axes of different lengths.
2. A description of a crystal system that has three axes of different lengths that cross at right angles.
A prism with six faces, each one a rhombus.
1. A parallelogram with adjacent sides that are not equal.
2. Having a shape similar to a rectangle that has been skewed to one side so that the angles are oblique.
3. Any of several muscles of the upper back that help move the shoulder blade.
4. In anatomy, denoting especially a ligament and two muscles.
rhomboid ligament, costoclavicular ligament
The ligament that connects the first rib and the clavicle near its sternal end.

It limits the elevation of the shoulder (at the sternoclavicular joint).

rhomboid muscle
Any of several muscles of the upper back that help move the shoulder blade.
rhombus (s), rhombi (pl)
1. A parallelogram that has four equal sides and oblique angles.
2. A parallelogram with four equal sides and sometimes one with no right angles.
rhumb line, rhumb lines; loxodrome, loxodromes
1. The path of a nautical vessel or air craft that maintains a constant or fixed compass direction.
2. A line that cuts all meridians (imaginary great circle on the earth's surface, passing through the geographic poles) at the same angle.
3. Etymology: possibly from Spanish or Portuguese rumbo, "course, direction"; ultimately from Latin rhombus, "turn, spin"; which came from Greek rhombos, "spinning top", from rhembesthai, "to spin, to whirl".

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units dealing with "equal, identical, same, similar": auto-; emul-; equ-, equi-; homeo-; homo-; iso-; pari-; peer; syn-; tauto-.