rhabd-, rhabdo- +

(Greek: rod; twig, stick, strip, branch; rod-shaped, striated; wand)

aichmorhabdophobia (s) (noun), aichmorhabdophobias (pl)
An abnormal horror of being beaten with a pointed stick: Alfred had a terrible dream once that an old and dangerous man wanted to hit him over and over again with a cane which had a very sharp end, and after waking up the following morning, he looked in his psychology book and found out that such a dreadful thought could be a result of aichmorhabdophobia.
One of the peculiar rodlike corpuscles found in the integument (one of the outer layers of tissue) of certain Turbellaria (group of worms which have the body covered externally with vibrating cilia). They are filled with a soft granular substance.
Any of the sclerotized segments lining the mouth cavity in nematode roundworms.
One of the hard parts forming the ovipositor of insects.
rhabdoid, rhabdoidal
1. Rod-shaped.
2. Resembling a rod.
rhabdoidephilist (s) (noun), rhabdoidephilists (pl)
One who delights in oddly shaped twigs: Tommy always brought home some strangely-shaped branches and sticks which he put on the window ledge in his room. His mother said that he was a real rhabdoidephilist.
A minute coccolith having a shield surmounted by a long stem and found at all depths in the ocean, from the surface to the bottom.

Coccoliths are composed of calcium carbonate as the mineral calcite and are the main constituents of chalk deposits; such as, the white cliffs of Dover.

rhabdology, rabdology
The method or art of performing arithmetical operations by means of Napier's bones.

Napier's bones: A set of graduated rods used to perform multiplication quickly.

1. One of numerous minute rodlike structures formed of two or more cells situated behind the retinulae in the compound eyes of insects, etc.
2. A transparent rod in the center of each ommatidium in the compound eye of an arthropod.

The compound eye of insects is composed of hundreds of unit eyes called ommatidia. An ommatidium contains a cluster of photoreceptor cells surrounded by support cells and pigment cells.

Someone who searches for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod.
rhabdomancy, rabdomancy (s) (noun); rhabdomancies, rabdomancies
1. Divination by means of a rod or wand; especially, in discovering ores, underground springs of water, etc.
2. Etymology: from Greek rhabdos, "rod" + -manteia, "foretell, predict".
Divination by means of a wand.
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A reference to rhabdomancy.
Someone who searches for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod.
The central translucent cylinder in the retinula of a compound eye.
One of the several parts composing a rhabdom.