rami-, ram-

(Latin: branch, branches, or a forked structure; ramus (singular), rami (plural); a general term for a smaller structure given off by a larger one, or into which the larger structure; such as, a blood vessel or nerve, divides)

Flowering on branches.
Branch-like, branch-shaped; branched; ramified.
ramify (verb), ramifies; ramified, ramifying
1. To have complicating consequences or outgrowths.
2. To divide into or cause to extend into divisions or subordinate branchlike parts.
3. Of trees and plants or their parts; to form branches, to diverge out, to extend in the form of branches.
4. To extend or to spread into a number of subdivisions or offshoots analogous to branches; especially in the anatomy of veins, nerves, etc.
That which produces branches.
ramisection, ramicotomy, ramisectomy
1. The surgical division of a ramus communicans between a spinal nerve and a ganglion of the sympathetic trunk.
2. Surgical division of communicantes of sympathetic nerves.
Inflammation of a ramus.
1. Branching or having many lateral divisions or branches.
2. Resembling a branch or branches.
1. A minute or very small branch.
2. One of the terminal branches of a ramus or branch.
ramus communicans, white ramus communicans, gray ramus communicans
One of the primary branches of a spinal nerve that connects with a sympathetic ganglion (a structure that contains a dense cluster of nerve cells).

Each one consists of a white portion (white ramus communicans) composed of myelinated pregangionic sympathetic fibers and a gray portion (gray ramus communicans) composed of unmyelinated postganglionic fibers.

ramus of the mandible
1. One of the two prominent, projecting back parts of the horse-shoe-shaped lower jaw bone.
2. A quadrilateral process projecting upwards from the posterior part of either side of the mandible.
ramus, branch
An offshoot or subdivision arising from the bifurcation of a blood vessel, a lymph vessel, or a nerve.

In anatomy, a branch; such as, a branch of a blood vessel or nerve. An example is the ramus acetabularis arteriae circumflexae femoris medialis is the branch of an artery that goes to the socket of the hip joint.