radio-, radi-, rad-

(Latin: ray, radiating [the Latin word for the spokes of a wheel is radius]; spoke, staff, rod)

involuntary euthanasia
Euthanasia performed without the consent of a competent person.
irradiance, radiant flux density
1. A radiometric term for the rate at which radiant energy is transferred across a unit area of a surface, commonly measured in watts per square meter.
2. A radiometric term for the rate at which radiant energy in a radiation field is transferred across a unit area of a surface (real or imaginary) in a hemisphere of directions.

In general, irradiance depends on the orientation of a surface. The radiant energy may be confined to a narrow range of frequencies (spectral or monochromatic irradiance which is characterized by a single frequency) or integrated over a broad range of frequencies.

Irradiating, shining, or illuminating; as, the irradiant moon.
irradiate (verb), irradiates; irradiated; irradiating
1. To expose someone to or to treat something with radiation or streams of particles.
2. To treat food with electromagnetic radiation or to kill microorganisms and slow down the process of ripening and gradual deterioration or rotting.
3. To make something brighter by shining light onto it.
4. To make something intellectually clear.
5. Etymology: "to cast beams of light upon"; from Latin irradiatus, irradiare, "to shine forth"; from in-, "into, in" + radiare, "to shine".
radiate (verb), radiates; radiated; radiating
1. To go out in a direct line from a central point or area: Spokes radiate outward from the middle points of the bicycle wheels.
2. To give out, to transmit, or to spread around: The sun radiates light and heat; however, they are reduced when it is cloudy.

Warmth was radiating from Tom's fireplace which made him and his family much more comfortable during the winter.
3. Etymology: from Latin radiare, "to beam, to shine."

To scatter love and happiness to other people.
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radiesthesic (adjective), more radiesthesic, most radiesthesic
Relating to the detection of, and diagnosing of, a disease by the passing of one's hands over a body: The radiesthesic skills of the renowned teacher, Mr. Cooke, were well-known and often discussed by his disciples.
radioactivity (s) (noun), radioactivities (pl)
The release of energy from atomic nuclei: There are four different kinds of radioactivity including neutron radiation, beta radiation, alpha radiation, and corpuscular radiation.

Radioactivity can be very harmful when a person is exposed to high doses of it.

An image recorded on a photographic film or plate produced by the radiation emitted from a specimen; such as, a section of tissue, that has been treated or injected with a radioactively labeled isotope or which has absorbed or ingested such an isotope.
An expert in radiobiology or the branch of science concerned with effects of light and of ultraviolet and ionizing radiations on living tissues or organisms.
The study of the biological effects of ionizing radiation upon living tissue.