radic-, radi-

(Latin: root)

deracinate (verb), deracinates; deracinated; deracinating
1. To remove someone or something from a natural environment; especially, people from their native culture.
2. To move people forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment.
3. To pull up by, or as if by, the roots.
deracination (s) (noun), deracinations (pl)
1. To move something from its natural environment or culture; especially, to remove the racial or ethnic characteristics or influences from a customary culture or environment.
2. The act of pulling up or out; uprooting; cutting off from existence.
eradicable (adjective), more eradicable, most eradicable
1. Able to destroy completely: The memories of her father were never eradicable from Jane's mind and she thought of him day after day.

The group of friends were wondering if such diseases as malaria and tetanus would ever be eradicable in the world.
2. Subject to being uprooted: The weeds in Jane's garden were eradicable, but it took many days to accomplish the task!

eradicate (i RAD i kayt") (verb), eradicates; eradicated; eradicating
1. To destroy or to get rid of something completely, so it can never return or be in existence anymore: Joseph's desire is to eradicate terrorist groups so people can exist in their own countries instead of having to flee as refugees to find safe places to live.
2. To pull out by the roots: Josephine is trying to eradicate the weeds among her flowers before summer arrives.
To get rid of something by destroying it or wiping it out so it doesn't exist anymore.
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eradication (s) (noun), eradications (pl)
eradicator (s) (noun), eradicators (pl)
fila radicularia nervorum spinalium
The fine filaments that attach the ventral and dorsal roots of the spinal nerves to the spinal cord.
multiradicate (verb), multiradicates; multiradicated; multiradicating
To make or to produce many roots or rootlets: Some plants have more parts that grow or multiradicate underground than other vegetation.
Congenital maldevelopment of the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots.
polyradiculopathy (s) (noun), polyradiculopathies (pl)
A diffuse spinal nerve root injury or disease: Polyradiculopathy is the simultaneous irritation and swelling of a large number of the spinal nerves marked by paralysis, pain, and the wasting away of muscles.
radical (s) (noun), radicals (pl)
radical (adjective), more radical, most radical