quadri-, quadra-, quad-, quadru-

(Latin: four, fourth; a word element for number 4)

1. A geometric figure with four right angles and four equal sides.
2. An object in the shape of a square, or a rectangle that is nearly a square.
3. An open, usually four-sided area in a city or town where two or more streets meet, often containing trees, grass, and benches for recreational use.
4. To adjust something so that it is at right angles to something else, or to test something for this alignment.
5. Etymology: "tool for measuring right angles", from Old French esquire, "a square, squareness"; from Vulgar Latin exquadra, from exquadrare, "to square"; from Latin ex-, "out" + quadrare, "to make square"; from quadrus, "a square"; from quattuor, "four".

The meaning of "rectangular shape" or "area" is recorded by the late 14th century.


Cross references of word families that are related, partially or totally, to: "four, fourth": quatr-; tessara-; tetra-.