put-, puta-, -pute, -puter, -puting, -putate, -putation, -putative

(Latin: putatus past participle of putare: to think over, consider, reckon, count; to trim, prune, lop, cut, clean, clear, unmixed)

From Latin, puto-, putare: literally; especially of trees, "to lop, to prune" and "to cleanse, to clear"; then (1) "to clear up, to settle"; especially, of accounts; (2) "to reckon, to estimate, to value"; (3) "to consider, to hold, to believe, to think".

Cassell's New Latin Dictinary; Funk & wagnalls Company; New York; 1968.
electronic computing units (pl) (noun)
1. In card punch technology, the section of a tabulating instrument designed to ensure that it will process the data on punch cards in a prescribed method.
2. The sensing sections of tabulating equipment that enable a machine to process the contents of punched cards in a specified procedure.
electronic digital computer (s) (noun), electronic digital computers (pl)
A machine that uses electronic circuitry in the main computing element to perform arithmetic and logical operations on digital data; for example, data represented by numbers or alphabetic symbols.

This is done automatically with an internally stored program of machine instructions.

Such instruments are distinguished from calculators on which the sequence of instructions is externally stored and is impressed manually (desk calculators) or from tape or cards (card-programmed calculators).

Facies tua computat annos.
Your face keeps count of the years.

Also interpreted as, "Check the mirror, not the calendar."

imputable (adjective), more imputable, most imputable
The possibility of being assigned or credited to; attributable: The imputable oversights were due to careless proofreading.
imputably (adverb), more imputably, most imputably
Regarding how something is capable of being assigned or credited to: The mistake on the receipt was not imputably compiled by the man at the hotel because it was the result of a computer malfunction.
imputation (s) (noun), imputations (pl)
1. A statement attributing something dishonest; especially, a criminal offense: "He denies their imputations of blame for the fires that started in the field."
2. A charge or attribution of evil; censure; reproach; insinuation.
impute (verb), imputes; imputed; imputing
1. To attribute a usually undesirable quality to a person, a cause, or a source.
2. To bring legal charges against a person because someone that he or she is responsible for has committed an offense.
3. To regard a quality; such as, righteousness that applies to someone as also applying to another person associated with him or her.
imputer (s) (noun), imputers (pl)
Someone or those who say or suggest that another person or something is wrong or guilty of something: "Those people are imputing his actions as being done simply for selfish reasons and not to help those who have lost everything to the flooding."
indisputable (adjective), more indisputable, most indisputable
Impossible to doubt or to question; unquestionable; undeniable: The police had indisputable evidence which was beyond any doubt that he had robbed the bank.
indisputably (adverb) (not comparable)
A description of how a fact or certain knowledge is beyond doubt; undeniably: It is indisputably true that most birds can fly, and that snow is white is also indisputably true!
mainframe computer (s) (noun), mainframe computers (pl)
A large, powerful, high-speed computer frequently used as the central computer at an institution or company, or government agency.
mechanical analog computer (s) (noun), mechanical analog computers (pl)
A machine aid to computation in which variables are represented as continuously variable displacements or motions of mechanical elements; such as, gears and shafts.
neurocomputation (s) (noun), neurocomputations (pl)
An organic computer that has been built from living neurons: "One early sample or model built to test this concept or process has been constructed from leech neurons, and is capable of performing simple arithmetic operations."

"The concepts are still being researched and prototyped, but in the near future, it is expected that artificially constructed organic brains, even though they are still considerably simpler in design than animal brains, should be capable of simple pattern recognition tasks such as handwriting recognition."

—Compiled from information provided by Wikipedia.
nociceptive input (s) (noun), nociceptive inputs (pl)
A period of extreme stress and increased pain perception through affective processes: The results or effects of nociceptive input are moderated or mediated through a definite brain system.
nonreputably, non reputably (adverb)
Generally considered to be dishonest and unreliable.

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