puber-, pubo-, pub-, pubio- +

(Latin: adult, mature; sign of maturity, especially the growth of pubic hair; extended to mean the "pubic bone")

1. A cartilage or bone in front of the pubis in some amphibians and other animals.
2. Either of a pair of bones in front of the pubis of marsupials.
Not having arrived at puberty; immature.
1. The condition of not having reached the state or age of puberty.
2. Not having reached puberty, or the age of the ability to reproduce one's species.
3. Lacking or short of the age at which a marriage contract can be legally entered into.
os pubis
Bone of the groin, pubic bone.
Occurring in or pertaining to the period following puberty.
After or subsequent to puberty; the period after puberty.
postpuberty, postpubescence
The period following, or after, puberty.
precocious pseudopuberty
The appearance of some secondary sex characters before the normal age of puberty but without maturation of the gonads.
prepubertal, prepubertallly, prepuberal
1. Prior to the attainment of puberty; before puberty.
2. Referring to the period of accelerated growth preceding gonadal maturity.
prepuberty (pree PYOO buhr tee) (s), prepuberties (pl)
The period of life preceding puberty; especially, the two or three years immediately before puberty.
prepubescent (pree" pyoo BES uhns), pre-pubescent
1. At or characteristic of the stage of life just before puberty.
2. A child at the stage of development just before puberty.
3. Relating to or in the period preceding puberty.
4. A reference to the period before children start to develop adult sexual characteristics.
1. A reference to the period of life before the age a person is first capable of sexual reproduction.
2. A descriptive word for the period before puberty.
A condition characterized by the development of a varying number of the somatic and functional changes typical of puberty; commonly caused by the hormonal secretions of a tumor and typically arises before the chronological age of puberty; precocious pseudopuberty.
Onset or the beginning of puberty, particularly as manifested by the appearance of pubic hair.
Someone who is at the onset of puberty or who is just starting puberty (functionally capable of reproduction).