puber-, pubo-, pub-, pubio- +

(Latin: adult, mature; sign of maturity, especially the growth of pubic hair; extended to mean the "pubic bone")

Relating to the pubic bone and the prostate.
Relating to the pubic bone and the rectum or to the puborectalis muscle.
Relating to the pubic bone and the bladder.
A slender band of longitudinal muscle fibers of the external stratum of the urinary bladder that lies under the medial part of the puboprostatic ligament and merges with the retropubic connective tissue.
Beneath the pubic arch denoting a ligament that connects the two pubic bones below the arch.
Above the pubic bone.
true precocious puberty
Hyperovarianism or sexual precocity in young girls due to premature maturation of the hypotholomic-pituitary axis and development of ovaries accompanied by the secretion of ovarian hormones.
Relating to the bladder and the os pubis (bone of the groin).
Viola pubescens, downy yellow violet
The violet flower of eastern North America having softly pubescent (downy) leaves and stems and clear yellow flowers with brown-purple veins.