pterygo-, pteryg-

(Greek: wing)

acanthopterygian (s) (noun), acanthopterygians (pl)
Any of a large group of fishes with bony skeletons and hard, spiny rays in the dorsal and anal fins: The sunfish, perch, bass, porgy, mackeral, and swordfish all belong to the acanthopterygians.
actinopterygian (s) (noun), actinopterygians (pl)
A fish of the taxonomic class Actinopterygii: An actinopterygian has fan-shaped fins supported by radiating spines or rays.

Nearly all living bony fishes are actinopterygians.

Actinopterygii (pl) (noun)
A subclass of bony fishes, often called ray-finned fish: Actinopterygii consist of many extinct groups and most living bony fishes with usually paired fins with broad bases.

The fishes of the Actinopterygii have ganoid scales, which are a type of scale consisting of dentine-covered bone with a thick outer layer of a substance similar to enamel.

Cheiropterygium, Chiropterygium (s) (noun); Cheiropterygia, Chiropterygia (pl)
The typically pentadactyloid, or hand-like limbs of the higher vertebrates: Cheiropterygia use their "hands" to actually fly instead of just gliding from one tree to another one.
chieropterygium, chiropterygium
Any typical limb on a vertebrate, thought to have evolved from a finlike extension.
chiropterophilia (s) (noun), chiropterophilias (pl)
A fondness or love of bats: Despite the fear or dislike that some people have for these night-flying mammals, there are also chiropterophilia who have an affection and high regard them.