psylli-, psyll- +

(Greek > Latin: flea)

psyllid, psylla
1. A jumping plant-louse belonging to the family Psyllidae, that includes several species that damage plants by causing galls or spreading virus diseases.
2. A pest that infests pear trees.
Jumping plant lice, psyllids; family containing about 1300 species of small, jumping insects resembling cicadas.
Any of various jumping plant lice of the family Psyllidae, especially of the genus Psylla, which includes several species that infest fruit trees.
psyllium, Psyllium
1. An annual plant of the plantain family that is native to Europe and Asia and has dense spikes of small flowers.
2. The seeds of psyllium, used as a mild laxative or as a dietary source of fiber.

Literally "little flea", because the seeds resemble fleas.

Similar to or like a flea.
A family of fleas containing the jigger or chigoe flea species.