prop-, proach-, proximo-, proxim-

(Latin: nearest, near; close, closest)

approach (s) (noun), approaches (pl)
A way of reaching or gaining access to a building or a place.
approach (verb), approaches; approached; approaching
1. To move closer to someone or something: "We tried to approach the new restaurant, but there were too many people blocking the way."
2. To speak to someone with a view to asking for something.
3. To deal with something in a particular way: "How do you plan to approach this situation?"
4. To come nearer in time or distance to something.
5. Etymology: from Anglo-French approcher, from Old French aprochier, from Late Latin appropiare, "to go nearer to", from Latin ad-, "to" + Late Latin propiare, "to come nearer" comparative of Latin prope, "near, close".
approachability (s) (noun), approachabilities (pl)
approachable (adjective), more approachable, most approachable
approachableness (s) (noun) (no plural)
approacher (s) (noun), approachers (pl)
approximal (adjective), more approximal, most approximal
approximate (verb), approximates; approximated; approximating
approximate (adjective), more approximate, most approximate
approximately (adverb) (not comparable)
approximation (s) (noun), approximations (pl)
approximative (sdjective), more approximative, most approximative
approximatively (adverb), more approximatively, most approximatively
approximativeness (s) (noun) (no plural)
irreproachable (adjective) (not comparsble)