presby-, presbyo-

(Greek: old, relationship to old age, elderly, elder; literally, "he that goes first")

presbyterate (s) (noun), presbyterates (pl)
1. The station or place of work of an elder in a church: The office of the presbyterate was open for members of the congregation from Monday to Friday.
2. An order or a group of church officials: The presbyterate decided to convene at least once a week to discuss the issues involving the place of worship.
presbyterian (adjective); more presbyterian, most presbyterian
1. Pertaining to a Christian Church which is ruled or managed by a group of official people who all have the same rank: The presbyterian principles are upheld by the clerical or religious government.
2. Relating to different Protestant churches governed by elders supporting Calvinism: Presbyterian members, of which there are very many in Scotland and in the USA, adhere to the discipline, principles, doctrines, and worship of the Calvinistic oriented government.
presbytery (s) (noun), presbyteries (pl)
1. A body or group of elders: A presbytery is a religious court and governing body in Presbyterian churches, comprised of a number of elders and the ministers from all the places of worship in a specific area.
2. A section of a church or building set aside for the officiating clergy: A Roman Catholic priest, for example, resides in a presbytery.
presbytic, presbytism
Suffering from presbyopia or a condition of vision commonly seen after the middle forties but beginning in late childhood (after age eight), as a result of diminished power of accommodation from impaired, or reduced, elasticity of the crystalline lenses of the eyes.

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