poten-, pot-, poss-, -potent, -potence, -potency, -potential +

(Latin: power, strength, ability, able; having authority over; rule over, command of)

armipotent (adjective), more armipotent, most armipotent
In a military sense, powerful or strong in the arms of war: The opponent seemed to be mighty in battle, or very armipotent.
astripotence (s) (noun), astripotencies (pl)
The power of the stars: Since Jane was interested in astrology, she was convinced in the astripotence of the heavenly bodies.
auripotence (s) (noun), auripotences (pl)
The power of gold: Mr. Money was not only wealthy, but believed in auripotence and had a lot of gold in the vault in his bank.
bellipotence (s) (noun) (no pl)
Strength in war: In the adventure story that Jim read, the country being invaded and attacked showed a lot of bellipotence and won the battle in the end!
bellipotent (adjective), more bellipotent, most bellipotent
A reference to the force or power of war: In the novel, bellipotent troops proved to be stalwart and strong in the battle between the two opposing nations.
biopotency (s) (noun), biopotencies (pl)
The capability of, or extent to which a chemical substance acts within a biological system; The student asked about the biopotency and effect of hormones and vitamins in a human body.
compossible (adjective), more compossible, most compossible
1. Compatible; potentially consistent, as with another statement, theory, etc.: Dr. Smith was happy to know that his explanation of Tom's illness was compossible with that of Dr. Tall's assumption.
2. Relating to a coexistence of things: The fact that many people of all nations live on the same planet can explain that they are compossible, and it would be better if they all got along with each other without engaging in war!
co-omnipotence (s) (noun), co-omnipotences (pl)
Joint command: In her dream, Grace imagined herself being in a state of co-omnipotence with God and could decide on the future of her family.
cunctipotence (s) (noun), cunctipotences (pl)
The condition of being totally powerful: In the game, little Lucy thought that she had a case of cunctipotence because she won each time it was her turn!
cunctipotent (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Obsolete, relating to something or someone that is all-powerful; omnipotent: Many people think that the most cunctipotent thing is love.
2. Etymology: from Latin cunctus, "all" + potens, "powerful".

deipotent (adjective), more deipotent, most deippotent
Regarding something or someone with god-like power: When Clive went to church, he was hoping to experience a deipotent feeling, something that would have devine power to alleviate his sorrow.
divinipotence (s) (noun), divinipotences (pl)
The ability to foretell future events: While dining outside the restaurant, a woman came by and said that she was endowed wih divinipotence and could predict times to come by reading the palms of one's hands.
divinipotent (adjective), more divinipotent, most divinipotent
Concerning someone or something that has the power of divination: The little girls played a game in which divinipotent secrets of the future were disclosed by preternatural means!
effective isotropic radiated power, EIRP (s) (noun), effective isotropic radiated powers (pl)
A measurement of the output of RFID reader antennas used in the United States and elsewhere: An effective isotropic radiated power is the assessment of the power of the signal departing from a satellite antenna in a certain direction.

EIRP is usually expressed in watts.

effective radiated power, ERP (s) (noun), effective radiated powers (pl)
A measurement of the output of RFID reader antennas used in Europe and elsewhere: An effective radiated power is the same as "equivalent radiated power" and is an IFEE standardized meaning of directional radio frequency power.

ERP is usually expressed in watts and is not the same as EIRP.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "master, lead, leading, ruler, ruling, govern": -agogic; agon-; arch-; -crat; dom-; gov-; magist-; regi-; tyran-.