(Latin: after, behind, later, subsequent)

Post cineres gloria sera venit.
After one is reduced to ashes, fame comes too late.

Too often fame comes after one's death.

post diem
After the [appointed or proper] day.

A term used in law.

Post hoc; ergo propter hoc.
After this, therefore because of this.

The logical fallacy that because one event follows another, the former must have caused the latter; or, the fallacy of arguing that something is the effect of a certain cause when there is no evidence of any connection.

post meridiem; p.m.
After the middle of the day; after noon.
post obitum
After death.
post partum
After birth.
post postscriptum; PPS
Written after that which was previously written afterward.

That which is written after a previous post script as an additional after thought.

post scriptum; PS, P.S.
A post script; written afterward.

Anything that is written [added] after the main message of a letter; an afterthought.

postabortal (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to that what happens subsequently to, or after, a surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy: Karen's sister had special postabortal treatment by her physician because she was suffering so much as a result of the surgery.
postabortion, post-abortion (s) (noun); postabortions; post-abortions
A condition that exists after any of various surgical methods for terminating a pregnancy; especially during the first six months: Susan was in a clinic where she was receiving special medical treatment for the post-abortion that had been performed in order to save her life.
Behind the allantois.
postanesthesia, postanaesthesia (s) (noun); postanaesthesias; postanesthesias (pl)
A reference to the recovery period of a patient after having received medication used to reduce or to eliminate pain during such procedures as surgery: After the operation, Linda was wheeled into the recovery room for her postanesthesia.