-posia, -posium

(Greek > Latin: drinking; a word termination [suffix] denoting a relationship to drinking or the intake of fluids)

symposiac (s) (noun), symposiacs (pl)
A meeting or conference for the discussion of a topic or special subject: A symposiac used to be a convivial meeting for drinking, music, and intellectual discussion among the ancient Greeks.

At the symposiac, or symposium, the audience is made up of the participants who make presentations and at which there is also a banquet.

A participant in a symposium (a formal meeting held for the discussion of a subject, during which individual speakers may make presentations).
symposium (s) (noun); symposiums, symposia (pl)
1. A conference or meeting where academics or experts have discourses about certain subjects: At the symposium, professionals delivered speeches about topics in their special fields of knowledge.
2. A social get-together of people where they can talk freely about their ideas: Once a month Jerry took part in a symposium where he met his friends and had conversations about intellectual topics.
3. A jovial and merry party with light talk and music: For her birthday, Rebeca wanted a symposium for her twenty-fifth celebration.
4. Etymology: from Greek sumposion, "a drinking party" from Latin symposium; from syn, "together" + posis, "a drinking."
A social gathering for interchanges of opinions.
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thalassoposia (s) (noun) (no pl)
The intake of sea water: Thalassoposia, or also termed mariposa, refers to the abnormal imbibition of ocean water caused by a psychological disorder.