pollaki-, pollaci-, pollach-

(Greek: frequent, frequently; often, diverse)

pollakanthic, pollacanthic (adjective), more pollakanthic, most pollakanthic; more pollacanthic, most pollacanthic
Referring to a plant that has flowers and fruit many times throughout its cycle of life: The pollacanthic strawberry plants Jenny had in her backyard had numerous flowering periods and an uncountable amount of fruit continuing throughout the year.
pollakiambulation (s) (noun), pollaciambulations (pl)
An excessive frequency in walking.
Abnormally frequent defecation.
pollakidipsia, pollacidipsia
1. An abnormal condition in which thirst occurs with excessive frequency.
2. A condition characterized by an abnormally frequent occurrence of the sensation of thirst.
pollakifecation, pollacifecation
Frequency of defecation.
pollakiphagia, pollaciphagia
An abnormal frequency in eating.
pollakiuria, pollachiuria; pollakisuria, pollacisuria
1. Abnormally frequent urination.
2. Extraordinary urinary frequency.
3. Urination at short frequent intervals without increase in daily volume of urinary output, due to reduced bladder capacity.