poikilo-, poikil-; poecilo-, poecil-

(Greek: varied, irregular, mottled; many-colored, spotted)

An animal whose temperature varies with the temperature of the surrounding environment; such as, an invertebrate, fish, or amphibious animal.

To a degree, behavioral responses help to maintain stability of body temperature and to counter the loss of body heat.

Also called: allotherm, ectotherm, and heterotherm

A reference to poikilothermy.

Also, exothermal.

Exhibiting or characterized by poikilothermy.

Also referred to as, ectothermic, exothermic, and heterothermic.

Fluctuation in body temperature in response to temperature changes in the environment, characteristic of all animals except mammals and birds. Also called, heterothermy, ectothermy.
1. Extreme changes of mood.
2. A mental condition characterized by abnormal variations of mood.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "another, other, different, alternating, varied, changing": ali-; allo-; alter-; allelo-; hetero-; mut-; reciproc-; vari-.