po-, poo-, -poa- +

(Greek: grass, a grassy place; meadow, meadows)

In botany, a large genus of plants known as meadow grasses.
In botany, the grass family.
poaceous (adjective) (not comparable)
In botany, belonging to the plant family Poaceae: The thin and poaceous stems of the meadow grass swayed to and fro in the breeze while the couple were taking a stroll in the early evening hours.
In botany, a meadow plant.
Pertaining to meadows.
poocole (verb), poocoles; poocoled; poocoling: meadow
Living in meadows.
poophile (s) (noun), poophiles (pl)
A form of life that lives in meadows: Poophiles are animal species that prefer dwelling in meadows, like the caterpillars and crickets.
poophilous (adjective), more poophilous, most poophilous
In biology, pertaining to a creature that thrives in meadows: Two poophilous animals are the earthworm and European hare, both of which prefer meadow life.
A meadow plant.