(Latin: a suffix; pertaining to, of the nature of, like; denoting an agent)

digitoplantar (s) (noun), digitoplantars (pl)
A reference to the toes and the undersurface of the feet: One night during a windstorm, Sidney got up on his bare feet to see what the noise was and he discovered, too late, that his digitoplantars were cut by the pieces of glass from the broken window on the floor which was caused by a tree that had been blown against side of his house.
dissimilar (adjective), more dissimilar, most dissimilar
1. Differing in one or more respects; not alike.
2. Characteristic of being different.
Relating to, or resembling, an epicondyle (boney projection on the inner side of the distal end of the humerus; the internal condyle).
extrasolar planet
A planet which orbits a star other than the sun.
Pertaining to the fibula.
globular, globularly
1. Having the shape of a ball, globe, or globule; spherical.
2. Consisting of globules.
3. Worldwide; global.
insular (adjective), more insular, most insular
1. Relating to the characteristic of being like or pertaining to an island or islands: As everybody should know, Australia is an insular continent, having water on all sides.
2. Characteristic of being separated or isolated: Jack didn't have many friends because he had an inward-looking, standoffish, and withdrawn insular manner.

Harry has little interaction with people because he has an insular attitude.
3. Descriptive of being narrow or limited in customs, opinions, etc.; provincial: There is a special reference of insular which refers to the islands of Great Britain and Ireland that is now the term given to the art of the early medieval period when the entire region shared a surprisingly unified artistic and cultural landscape and it is impossible to say from which part many old artworks are derived.

Conveying an isolated or narrow viewpoint.
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A reference to having a limited outlook.
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A reference to having a limited outlook.
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1. Located or occurring between nuclei.
2. Pertaining to or affecting structures between nuclei, as internuclear ophthalmoplegia.
3. Between the nuclear layers of the retina.
1. Situated or occurring within an enclosure; shut off from public sight; private; secluded; retired.
2. Situated in the parietal region of the brain.
3. Within the wall of an organ.
A line on a weather chart connecting points of equal change of atmospheric pressure within a specified time period commonly used on synoptic surface charts to depict three-hourly local pressure tendencies.