(Latin: a suffix; pertaining to, of the nature of, like; denoting an agent)

Relating to the hand, wrist, and the foot (in carpopedal spasm, a term applied to the local convulsions which affect the hands and feet of children).
caterpillar (s) (noun), caterpillars (pl)
1. The larva or a worm with a long soft body, many short legs, and that often has brightly colored or spiny skin: The caterpillar develops and changes into a butterfly or a moth.
2. Etymology: from Latin catta pilosa, "hairy cat".

Literally, "a hairy she-cat", the word being derived from Old (North) French catte (French chatte, "she-cat") and pelue, "hairy".

Relating to or associated with the cerebellum.
Of or relating to the blood vessels that supply the brain.
Referring to or affecting the muscles of the neck.
circumlunar (adjective), more circumlunar, most circumlunar
1. A reference to revolving or rotating around the moon.
2. Characteristic of surrounding the moon.
circumpolar (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to being located or living around or near one or both poles of Earth or another planet.
circumsolar (adjective), more circumsolar, most circumsolar
Relating to something that revolves around or is surrounding the sun: The earth is in a circumsolar course.
circumstellar (adjective), more circumstellar, most circumstellar
Relating to revolving around or surrounding a star.
In astronomy, (formerly) a gravitationally collapsed star; now referred to as a "black hole".
collar (s) (noun), collars (pl)
1. The upright or turned-over neckband of a coat, jacket, dress, shirt, or blouse.
2. A leather, plastic, fabric, or metal band placed around the neck of an animal to identify it or attach it to a lead or leash.
3. An area around the neck of a bird, or an animal, that has a color or marking different from the rest its body.
4. The cushioned ring or other part of a harness that presses against a draft animal's shoulders.
5. A ring-shaped device or part on a shaft that guides, seats, or restricts another mechanical part.
6. A close-fitting necklace or one that lies flat over the shoulders.
7. A cut of meat, especially bacon, taken from an animal's neck.
debar (verb), debars; debarred, debarring
1. To forbid, hinder, or prevent: Because of the girl's misbehavior at school, she was officially debarred from attending classes for a week.
2. To prevent something from happening.
debar, disbar
debar (dee BAHR) (verb)
To exclude or to prevent something from from happening: Being born in a foreign country would debar the candidate from running for President of the U.S.
disbar (dis BAHR) (verb)
To remove the status and privileges and obligations of someone who was a legal practitioner: Not paying his traffic fines served to disbar the lawyer so he could no longer practice law.

Whitney's unethical practices were sufficient reasons to disbar her as a lawyer.

The fact that Muriel was born in a foreign country served to debar her from applying for the government position; however, it did not disbar her from practicing medicine.