pluto-, plut-

(Greek: wealth, wealthy, rich)

philoplutary (s) (noun), philoplutaries (pl)
A fondness for or a special love for wealth: In one of Dickens' stories, the main character was greatly engrossed in philoplutary and often ignored his relatives.
plutarchy (s) (noun), plutarchies
The rule of a country by those who are rich or wealthy: "The plutarchy of the country existed for a long time and it apparently was never challenged by the working classes."
plutocracy (s) (noun), plutocracies (pl)
1. The rule or sovereign power of a country by those who are wealthy: The governing plutocracy never bothered with elections because they didn't want to upset the status quo.
2. A ruling or controlling of an influential class of wealthy people: Plutocracy consists of the overall influence of the affluent to affect people or events in social and economic affairs.

James told his business friends, "If it could be proven that plutocracy is likely to improve the country's standard of living, then I would strive to be a plutocrat."

plutocrat (s) (noun), plutocrats (pl)
People who possess or exercise power or influence over others because of their wealth: There was a time when plutocrats thought they had won an election because of all the money they had invested to back a candidate for U.S. President; however, he was defeated by his opponent; so, the plutocrats wasted their money.
The power of wealth to satisfy his desires.
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plutocratic (adjective), more plutocratic, most plutocratic
1. A reference to the rule or sovereign power of wealth or of the wealthy: The courts were challenging the plutocratic structure of the government that only allowed the rich people to run for political offices in the elections.
2. A descriptive word which applies to any kind of control by an influential class of wealthy people: The plutocratic power of the owners of the factory was being challenged by the unions and the workers.
plutodemocracy (s) (noun), plutodemocracies (pl)
A country or a government that masquerades or claims, or has claimed, to be a democracy but where power actually is controlled by those who are rich: Many of the governments that have emerged from former colonial states claimed to be democracies but they were really plutodemocracies.
plutodemocratic (adjective) (not comparable)
A term that describes a country or state which claims to be a democracy but where the real power lies with those who are wealthy: The plutodemocratic government was nervous because it was facing open elections, allowing not only the affluent to vote or to be elected, but also those who were from the average economic group.
plutogogue (s) (noun), plutogogues (pl)
1. A spokesman or a leader who justifies or advocates the interests of the wealthy: "In the history of the country, there were many plutogogues who maintained the advantages of having the financially endowed governing the country."
2. Someone who favors wealthy people and tries to defend or to glorify them: "The editor of the local paper was a plutogogue who endorsed the power of the upper classes to the exclusion of the general population."
plutolater (s) (noun), plutolaters (pl)
A person who worships wealth or those who worship that which makes them rich: "The lumber baron was known among his colleagues as a plutolater because of his profound attachment to his vast holdings of timber land the profits of which made him financially much better off than others in his community."
plutolatry (s) (noun), plutolatries (pl)
The worship of or an excessive devotion to wealth: "There have been publications about some organizations that are devoted to celebrating the plutolatry of its members."
plutological (adjective), more plutological, most plutological
Of or pertaining to the wealthy or the people who are rich: "Recently the national election probably spent the most plutological amounts of money ever known because so much was contributed on both sides by various people and organizations."
plutologist (s) (noun), plutologists (pl)
Someone who is a specialist in the study of the wealthy and their powerful influences: "For her advanced umiversity degree, Karin intends to interview several plutocrats so she can become a qualified plutologist."
plutology (s) (noun), plutologies (pl)
The science of wealth or political economies: The financial polls reported in the news fell under the heading of plutology.
The scientific study of wealth.
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plutomania (s) (noun), plutomanias (pl)
1. An insane love of or pursuit of wealth: The old man was known for his plutomania in that he was always seeking financial advantages instead of friendships.
2. A form of insanity in which people imagine or delude themselves into thinking that they possess great wealth: The doctor diagnosed Mr. Smith as having a severe case of plutomania based on his observation that the patient pretended to be wealthy and frequently wrote checks involving fictitious bank accounts.
Insanity marked by delusions of wealth.
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plutomaniac (s) (noun), plutomaniacs (pl)
Characterized by a person who has an insane love or pursuit of wealth: "Kim's father had a reputation for being a plutomaniac who emphasized his financial gains much more than any devotion to his family."