plic-, pli- plect-, plec-, plici-, -plex, -plexity, -plexus,
-ple, -pli, -plic, -plicat, -plicit, -plicate, -plication, -ply

(Latin: plicare, plecare, to fold, bend, curve, turn, twine, twist, interweave, weave)

accomplice (s) (noun), accomplices (pl)
1. An associate in wrongdoing; especially, someone who helps or encourages another person in a criminal act, either as a principal participant or as an accessory: The internet accomplices were very clever and quick to fool the football player into believing that a girl had fallen in love with him.
2. Etymology: from Late Latin complex, complic, "allied"; from com- "together" + the root of plicare, "to fold".
Associated with wrong doing.
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app (s), apps (pl)
1. Short for software applications; an application; an application program.

Jargon, or an informal term, that is often found in technology research reports.

2. In medicine, amyloid precursor protein (APP), which is a large transmembrane glycoprotein expressed on the cell surface and of uncertain function.

It may be cleaved on the cell surface to a soluble form. Alternatively, cleavage may follow endocytosis and in some cases then yields 40 to 43 abnormal amino acid peptides, which aggregate to form Ab amyloid, associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Relevance by virtue of being applicable to the matter at hand.
applicable (adjective)
1. Capable of being put into practice; utilized; pertinent; suitable.
2. Being relevant and fitting.
Someone who applies for a position, candidacy, a job, etc.
apply (verb), applies; applied; applying
1. To put on or to contact by spreading something on a surface: "Lina applied some cream to Bill's sunburned skin."
2. To use or to put into action: "When the window wouldn't open, Jaden applied pressure to force it open."
3. To fit: "The parking restrictions don't apply after 6 p.m. nor on Sundays."
4. To concentrate on: "When Jason came back from his vacation, he seriously applied himself to his work."
5. To make a request or to ask formally for something: "Hayden applied for a job after his technical training was completed."

Inter-related cross references involving word units meaning "bend, curve, turn": diversi-; diverticul-; flect-, flex-; gyro-; meand-; streph-; stroph-; tors-; tropo-; verg-; vers-; volv-.