plagi-, plagio- +

(Greek: sideways, slanting, sloping; oblique)

Having an oblique (slanting) lateral (side) deformity of the skull.
plagiocephaly, plagiocephalism
1. A deformity of the skull in which one side is more developed in the front, and the other side is more developed in the rear.
2. A malformation of the skull producing the appearance of a twisted and lopsided head, caused by irregular closures of the cranial sutures.
Any of the feldspar minerals varying in composition from acidic albite to basic anorthite found in most igneous rocks and which shows twinning striations on good cleavage surfaces.
plagiograph, pantograph
A kind of pantograph for drawing a copy which is inclined with respect to the original figure.
Growing more or less divergent from the vertical.
The tendency of a plant's roots, stems, or branches to grow at an angle away from the vertical in response to a stimulus.