apodyso-, -apodys-; -dyso, -dys, -dysis; -ecdysi-

(Greek: undress, disrobe; take off, strip, lay bare; shed, molt)

A long period during the molting cycle of arthropods when there are no signs of either recovery from a molt or preparations for the next molt.
anecdysis (s) (noun), anecdyses (pl)
The absence of molting or having a prolonged intermolt period: Anecdysis is a condition of having no shedding of an outer layer of skin on a plant or an animal that covers and protects it; such as, by insects, crustaceans, and snakes.
Excited sexually by the act or sight of disrobing.
apodysis (s), apodyses (pl) (noun forms)
1. The act of disrobing as an expression of exhibitionism.
2. The act or habit of mentally undressing a person or fantasizing about what that person looks like naked.
apodysophilia (s) (noun), apodysophilias (pl)
An abnormal eagerness to disrobe or to undress: At the Academy Awards ceremony many years ago, a man who might have had a form of apodysophilia, streaked across the stage behind the Master of Ceremonies, causing shock and amazement, which disrupted the program for awhile.
A condition in which ecdysis processes are going on continuously and one ecdysis cycle grades rapidly into another.
An incomplete or otherwise disordered shedding of the skin (ecdysis) by a reptile; such as, that which results during a malnutrition or an excessively dry or cold environment.
ecdysial gland
Insect structures that originate from the ectoderm of the ventrocaudal part of the head and serve as a source of ecdysone (family of steroid hormones found in insects, crustaceans and plants).
ecdysiasm (stripteasing)
1. A morbid tendency to undress to produce sexual desire in others.
2. An abnormal tendency to take off one's clothes in order to cause unsatisfied arousal in an observer.
3. A compulsion to disrobe in order to provoke useless and unsatisfied erotic stimulation of the spectator or spectators.
ecdysiast (s) (noun), ecdysiasts (pl)
A performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music: Sandra's friend is a professional ecdysiast, or striptease artist, at the local nightclub.
A striipteaser.
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The love of or strong fondness for watching people strip.
ecdysis (s), ecdyses (pl)
1. The act of undressing as an expression of sexual exhibitionism which is identified by psychiatrists.
2. A morbid tendency to disrobe in order to provoke useless erotic stimulation in the opposite sex.
3. The act of shedding or molting the outer exoskeleton or cuticle.
5. The shedding of the outer layer of skin or of a shell.

This process is common in many species of animals; including crustaceans, snakes, and insects; not only during early development but also during the adult stages of life.

The act of disrobing, or undressing, as a means of expressing or inciting lustfulness.
misapodysis (s) (noun), misapodyses (pl)
A strong urge not to get undressed in front of anyone else: Susan always had a misapodysis about changing her clothes in the presence of the other girls in the dressing room for P.E. because she didn’t want them to see her deformed body that resulted from poliomyelitis when she was younger.
The concluding phase of ecdysis in certain crustaceans and arthropods, during which the endocuticle is secreted and calcification of the skeleton occurs.