pinni-, pin-

(Latin: pinnatus, feather, feathered; winged)

imparipinnate (adjective)
Having an uneven number of pinnae (two rows of branches, or leaflets arranged on each side of a common stem), by virtue of having one terminal pinna (a primary segment of the blade of a compound leaf): "The trunk the tree is without branches and has a crown of feathery or imparipinnate fronds or leaves like a fern."
panache (s) (noun), panaches (pl)
1. An impressive way of doing something that shows great skill and confidence: Tom's uncle created top-notch restaurants with a dash of panache.

The orchestra played at the concert with great panache, flair, and spirit.

2. Etymology: from French pennache, "tuft" or "plume of feathers" from Italian pennacchio from late Latin pinnaculum, "feather" and it also refers to the feathers on old Roman helmets.
A bunch of feathers.
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paripinnate (adjective)
Having an even number of pinnae (leaflets) including having a pair in the terminal or end position: "In biology, the students were learning about the paripinnate leaves of ferns."
pin feather (s), pin feathers (pl) (nouns)
A young feather; especially, one just emerging through the skin and which is still enclosed in a sheath: "Unlike a fully developed feather, the pin feather has a blood supply flowing through it, and so, if the pin feather is damaged, a bird can bleed excessively."

"When chickens moult or their old feathers fall out, theThe new ones start to grow to replace them. The new feathers are known as blood feathers or pin feathers and they resemble porcupine quills and they can stay like that for 5-7 days before the shafts start to flake off and the feathers begin to open and grow."

pinna (s), pinnae (pl)
1. A feather, wing, or fin.
2. Auricula, or outer ear; a bird's feather or wing; a fish fin.
3. Etymology: from Latin; akin to penna, "a feather, wing", or "fin".
pinnate, empennate
1. Resembling a feather.
2. Divided in a feathery manner.
3. Of a compound leaf, having leaflets on each side of an axis or midrib.
4. Having similar parts arranged on each side of a common axis; that is, with lateral processes.
Leaves lobed halfway to midrib.
With leaves pinnately lobed.
Pinnate condition.
With leaves lobed three-quarters of the way to midrib.
Having lobed toes, as certain birds.
With leaves lobed almost to the base or midrib.
Pinnate with toothed lobes.
Feather-shaped or fin-shaped.
With veins disposed like parts of a feather.

Related "feather, feather-like; soft down, plumage" word units: penna-; plum-, -plume; pterido-; ptero-; ptilo-.