apo-, ap-, aph-

(Greek: from, away from, asunder, separate, separation from, derived from)

apotheosis (s) (noun), apotheoses (pl)
1. The transformation or elevation of a human into a god.
2. The highest point of glory, power, or importance.
3. The best or most glorious example of something.
4. Etymology: from Late Latin apotheosis, from Greek apotheosis, from apotheoun, "deify, make a god of"; apo-, "from" + theos, "god".
apotheosize (verb), apotheosizes; apotheosized; apotheosizings
1. To elevate person to the status of a god.
2. To glorify or exalt someone or something.
3. Etymology: from Late Latin apotheoun, "to deify, to make someone a god"; from apo-, "from, change" + theos, "god".
apotropaic (adjective), more apotropaic, most apotropaic
1. Referring to the power to avert or to ward off bad luck or evil influences: The apotropaic practitioner was going through the ritual of magic to prevent his customers from becoming ill.
2. Etymology: from Greek apotropaios, "averting evil"; from apotrepein, "to turn away from".
A reference to the prevention of evil or bad influences.
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