phret-, phreto- +

(Greek: phreatia, a well, a reservoir, a tank; a cistern, a pit)

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phreticolous (adjective), more phreticolous, most phreticolous
Organisms inhabiting tanks or containers.
The study of organisms in water tanks.
phretophile (s) (noun), phretophiles (pl)
An organism that thrives in water tanks: Algae is a phretophile that can grow in a tank that holds the water used to flush a toilet.
phretophilous (adjective), more phretophilous, most phretophilous
In biology, descriptive of a life form that develops in water tanks: It is possible to eliminate phretophilous algae from a water receptacle when a person knows the reason why algae grows in the first place.
A plant that lives in a water tank.