phreat-, phreato-, phreati- +

(Greek: a well, a tank, a reservoir; ground water)

Another form of phret-.

halophreatophyte (s) (noun), halophreatophytes (pl)
A plant utilizing saline ground water: Jane went to the library to find out about halophreatophytes, or vegetation requiring salty soil, for her term paper in biology.
Pertaining to, or related to, underground waters; especially, those at or below the water table and accessible through wells.
phreaticole (verb), phreaticoles; phreaticoled; phreaticoling: water
An organism that lives in, or inhabits, ground-water areas.
phreaticolous (adjective), more phreaticolous, most phreaticolous
A reference to organisms living in ground-water areas.
The study of ground-water organisms.
phreatophilous (adjective), more phreatophilous, most phreatophilous
In biology, referring to a life form that thrives in groundwater habitats: Common phreatophilous bacteria are found in the drinking water of springs and wells.
A plant with very long roots reaching a water table and which absorbs water from the permanent water table.
Relating to, or referring to, a plant that absorbs water from the permanent water table.