philema-, philem-, philemato-, philemat-

(Greek: kiss, a kiss; kissing)

kiss, kissing
1. To touch with the lips as a sign of love, greeting, or respect.
2. To touch gently: "There was a soft wind kissing the treetops."
A kiss on a part of the body other than the lips of the mouth, the cheeks, or the hand.
1. Love play.
2. Sexual practices that are generally considered by some to be socially prohibited or undesirable.
3. Kissing of parts of the body other than the lips of the mouth.
A kiss.
The focusing of erotic desires on kissing.
Sexual excitement derived from or as a result of kissing.
Having a excessive desire, craving, or fondness for kissing.
Having an abnormal compulsion to kiss.
philemaphobe (s) (noun), philemaphobes (pl)
A person who has an intense dread of kissing: Vony, being a philemaphobe, went to see her doctor because she was fearful of touching someone with her lips causing germs to spread or because of having bad breath, and Dr. Smith consoled her by saying that she had nothing to be afraid of!
philemaphobia, philematophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An intense dislike of kissing: Some people really hate giving others a light touch with their lips because they might get some bad disease-causing bacteria or virus from the other person, so they refrain from this activity and therefore have developed philemaphobia.
1. A strong fondness for kissing or the art of kissing.
2. The art or science of kissing.
Someone who is excessively fond of kissing.
A woman who is fearful of kissing or who hates or dislikes kissing.
Someone who is easily sexually excited by kissing.

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