aphro-, aphr-

(Greek: foam, froth)

A variety of calcite (mineral); referring to foam because of its appearance.
A variety of tourmaline; from the foam element because of its appearance of bubbling when heated. Tourmaline is a mineral of various colors used as a gem.
1. In zoology, a genus of the order of Molluscas; also known as, "sea-mouse".

The body is oval, with many small protuberances or tentacles on each side, which serve as feet. The mouth is cylindrical, at one end of the body, with two bristly tentacles, which are capable of being retracted.
2. From Aphrodite, so called from Greek, froth, from which the goddess was supposed to have been produced.

1. A soft opaque milk-white mineral, consisting mostly of bisilicate of magnesium, allied to Sepiolite or meerschaum.
2. In the sense of foam-stone.
Block lava.