phaco-, phac-, phako-, phak- +

(Greek: lentil [bean]; lens of the eye)

So called because the lens of the eye resembles a lentil bean in appearance or shape.

phacogenic uveitis (s) (noun), phacogenic uveitides (pl)
Uveitis (inflammation of part or all of the uvea, the posterior pigmented layer of the iris) secondary to hypermature cataract (cataract in which the lens cortex becomes liquid): Phacogenic uveitis is thought to be an autoimmune disorder with the production of autoantibodies causing a break in the lens capsule.
The structural changes in the eye lens produced by glaucoma.
Inflammation around the capsule of the crystalline lens.
Shaped like an eye lens or a lentil bean.
phacoiditis, phakitis
Inflammation of the crystalline lens.
phacoidoscope, phacoscope
An instrument for viewing accommodative changes of the eye lens.
phacolysis, phacolytic
1. The surgical breakdown and removal of the lens of the eye.
2. Dissolution or discission of the eye lens.
Softening of the lens, as may occur in hypermature cataract.
phacometer, lensometer
A device for measuring the optical characteristics of the lenses of the eyes.
phacomorphic glaucoma
Secondary glaucoma caused by either an excessive size or spherical shape of the lens of the eye.
1. The hardening of the eye lens.
2. A hard cataract, that is, one with a hard nucleus.
An instrument in the form of a dark chamber for observing the changes in the eye lens during accommodation (adjustment, especially that of the eye for various distances resulting in pupil constriction or dilatation).
An examination of the eye with a phacoscope.
Exerting a deleterious (harmful or damaging) effect upon the crystalline lens (transparent biconvex cellular refractive structure lying between the iris and the vitreous humor) of the eye.
phacotoxic uveitis (s) (noun), phacotoxic uveitides (pl)
An extremely rare lens-induced uveitis: Phacotoxic uveitis, which is an inflammation of part or all of the uvea, is a low-grade reaction to the lens protein, and not a separate disease entity.

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