-pexy, -pexia, -pexes, -pexic, -pexis, -pex +

(Greek: a suffix; fixing [of a specified part]; attaching to, a fastening)

Used in medical nomenclature to denote "a surgical fixation" of that which is specified by the combining root.

A surgical fixation (attachment) of the scrotum.
Operative attachment of the sigmoid colon to a firm structure to correct rectal prolapse (protrusion of the rectal mucous membrane through the anus).

The sigmoid colon is that portion of the colon that connects to the descending colon above and the rectum below.

The operative fixation of a dislocation by reattachment of the ligaments.
The fixation or neutralization of a poison in the body.
1. A precursor of certain varieties of the fenestration operation for the relief of deafness.
2. A medical operation uniting a neotympanic system to a labyrinthine fistula for the cure of progressive hearing loss from otosclerosis.
vaginapexy, vaginopexy (s) (noun); vaginapexies, vaginopexies
Suture of a relaxed and prolapsed vagina to the abdominal wall.
The process by which different classes of viruses enter the host cell in which they will be able to replicate or the binding of virus to a cell and the subsequent absorption (engulfment) of virus particles by that cell.