pero- +

(Greek: maimed, crippled; deformed, malformed)

A fetus, or postnatal individual, with congenitally malformed, or deformed, upper limbs; such as, the hands or hands and forearms.
1. A developmental anomaly characterized by a distortion of the head and face.
2. An embryo, fetus, or postnatal individual with a congenitally malformed face and cranium.
A developmental abnormality of the face and head.
A fetus, or postnatal individual, with congenitqally malformed hands.
A fetus with deformity of fingers or toes, or both; especially, absence of one or more digits.
perodactyly, perodactylia
A congenital deformity of the fingers and/or toes.
A compulsion for mutilation or maiming.
peromelia, peromely
1. A severe congenital malformations of extremities, including the absence of a hand or a foot.
2. A severe congenital malformation of any or all extremities; usually, to a severe degree.
A fetus or infant with a severe anomaly of a limb, or limbs, as a result of a disturbance in embryonic development.

The term includes defects of excessive development as well as reduction deformities.

1. A structural bodily abnormality of any type.
2. A physical defect resulting from the imperfect development of the fetus (unborn child).
A fetus, or postnatal individual, with congenitally malformed lower limbs and feet.
1. Malicious mutilation.
2. A malformation of the tarsal joint of poultry.

This is associated with a deficiency of manganese or an excess of calcium and phosphorus.

perosomus, perocormus
A fetus with a greatly deformed body or trunk.
A developmental malformation of the trunk of the body.
A reference to, or characterized by, perosis.