peristera-, perister- +

(Greek: pigeon, dove)

1. The art of training pigeons.
2. A special fondness for or love of pigeons.
Peristeri (Greek: Περιστέρι, "pigeon"), older forms Peristerio and Peristerion is a suburban community in the Athens area (Attica), Greece.
A genus of orchidaceous plants; also known as, Dove plant.

Peristeria is a genus of plants belonging to the family Orchidaceae whose genus' common name is the "Dove Orchid" or the "Holy Ghost Orchid".

In chemistry: A variety of albite, whitish and slightly iridescent like a pigeon's neck.
Like or pertaining to the pigeons or Columbae.
1. A reference to pigeons.
2. Of or relating to pigeons.
1. A collector of or a fondness for collecting pigeons.
2. Someone who has a love of, or a fondness for, pigeons.
peristerophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An excessive dislike of pigeons: Some people avoid going to parks or town centers because of the contamination that the birds with short legs and heavy bodies can cause with their excrement or droppings.
Having pigeonlike feet; said of those gallinaceous birds that rest on all four toes; such as, the curassows and megapods.